Bridge connecting Koh Samui to mainland Thailand open in 2029

December 27, 2022

Bridge connecting Koh Samui to mainland Thailand open in2029


The construction of a bridge connecting Koh Samui to themainland in Khanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, is expected to enhanceconvenience and reduce costs for travelers visiting the island, including thoseinterested in short-term villa rentals. The bridge, scheduled to open in 2029,will provide an alternative mode of transportation besides boats and planes,making it easier for tourists to access Koh Samui luxury villas and vacationrentals.


Currently, consulting companies are bidding for the project,which is estimated to cost 25 billion baht. The winning company, possibly a KohSamui villa management company or a villa rental agency, will be selected inApril 2023. Afterward, the chosen company will have one year to study thefeasibility of the project and submit an environmental assessment report in2024. If the assessment receives approval, construction of the 17-kilometerbridge could commence in 2025, as stated by the Expressway Authority ofThailand (EXAT).


To manage the high cost of the project, EXAT intends toadopt a public-private partnership (PPP) model, potentially involving exclusivevillas in Koh Samui. Investing the entire budget themselves would leaveinsufficient funds for other projects, so EXAT is exploring the possibility ofjoint investment from the private sector, including villa management servicesand other stakeholders.


The introduction of the bridge will provide a new option fortravelers, allowing them to reach Koh Samui and its beachfront villas by car,which can be a more affordable and convenient option compared to flights orferry services. With improved accessibility, tourists can explore the island'sfamily-friendly villas, affordable villas, and seaview villas more easily.


The bridge project is considering two bridge models: asuspension bridge or a cable-stayed bridge. Whichever design is chosen, it willconnect the Khuan Thong subdistrict in Khanom district to Koh Samui's TalingNgam subdistrict, maximizing the island's tourism potential.


According to Daily News, tourists visiting the island duringthe festive season are expected to contribute approximately 5 billion baht tothe local economy. The completion of the bridge in the future is anticipated tofurther boost tourism and economic growth in Koh Samui, benefiting the villarental management and hospitality sectors.

By Luxy samui