Controversy Surrounding Construction of a villa on Koh Samui Mountain

Local residents in Koh Samui, located in the southern province of Surat Thani, have lodged a complaint with authorities regarding the construction of a luxury house on a mountain area that is government-owned. The house in question belongs to a Thai actress, whose identity has not been disclosed.

Officials from the Department of Land and Royal Forest Department recently conducted an investigation into the property and the surrounding land, which is situated in the Bo Phut sub-district of Koh Samui district. However, they were denied access to the premises by the actress, as they did not possess the necessary documentation to conduct the search.

The three-storey luxury house, currently under construction, is positioned on the slope of the mountain, occupying approximately 2,400 square meters of land. Based on available pictures, it appears that the construction of the house will be completed soon. In close proximity, another three-storey house is being built, albeit on a smaller scale.

According to a report by the Public Relations Department of Koh Samui, the land documents and deeds pertaining to the area are still in the process of being finalized, and the construction of the house has not received official approval from the authorities. Furthermore, it has been noted that the height of the building exceeds the permissible limits prescribed by the relevant laws.

The acting director of the Building Control and Town Planning Office, Siraphop Nareelak, disclosed that the actress initially attempted to acquire the land documents and deeds on November 31, 2008. However, there were issues with the aerial survey and border survey, which resulted in delays. The actress subsequently reissued the deeds in February 2018, and her request is currently under review. Therefore, she must await the arrival of an official document before being able to submit a construction plan and commence work.

The investigation into the ownership of the land is ongoing, as authorities seek to resolve the legal issues surrounding the construction of the house on government-owned land. Short-term villa rentals Koh Samui, vacation rentals Koh Samui, and private villas Koh Samui are popular options for tourists visiting the area. Several villa management services Koh Samui and villa rental agencies Koh Samui can assist in finding exclusive, family-friendly, affordable, and beachfront villas Koh Samui, including seaview villas Koh Samui. However, it is important for villa rental management Koh Samui companies to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations to avoid controversies like the one surrounding the construction of this luxury house.

By Luxy samui