Fisherman’s Village, hoping to catch more tourists

January 5, 2023

Fisherman’s Village, hoping to catch more tourists


Officials in Koh Samui have discreetly initiated a makeoverof Fisherman's Village, specifically Beach Road in Bo Phut, with the aim ofattracting more tourists and benefiting local businesses. The makeover includeslandscape improvements and general cleaning to enhance the appeal of the area,making it more attractive for short-term villa rentals and vacationers seekingKoh Samui luxury villas.


The primary goal of the project is to boost the income oflocal street vendors, with officials aiming to generate up to 5 million baht incash for them. By presenting an authentic fishing village lifestyle in a cleanand charming setting, tourism operators hope to revive the old-world charm ofBeach Road, making it an ideal destination for Koh Samui private villas andbeachfront villas.


Local businesses have also requested that authorities bantraffic and parking on Walking Street, a popular area in Fisherman's Village,from 6 pm to midnight. This measure aims to ensure tourist safety and maximizevending areas, ultimately transforming the village into a prominent attractionand enhancing the villa management services available in Koh Samui.


In addition to the makeover, Fisherman's Village is hostingfire baton displays at night, adding to its allure for visitors seeking holidayvillas in Koh Samui. The village, known for its hipster cafes and boutiqueshops, holds historical significance, as it was established by fishermen whomigrated from Hainan Island in southern China.


Last month, the islands of Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh PhaNgan collectively welcomed 2.3 million tourists in a span of 10 months,generating over 40 billion baht in revenue, according to the Tourism Authorityof Thailand. In 2022, Thailand received 10.9 million foreign tourists, withMalaysia, India, Laos, Cambodia, and Singapore being the top countries oforigin for international travelers seeking exclusive villas and family-friendlyaccommodations.

By Luxy samui