Thailand optimist tourism

December 12, 2022


Officials in Thailand’s southern province of Surat Thani areremaining optimistic about the recovering tourism sector as another cruise shiparrives around Koh Samui island.


As the industry continues to recover after the Covid-19pandemic, the government is urging businesses to uphold the country’s positivereputation. According to the Pattaya Mail, 31 cruise ships are scheduled toarrive in Koh Samui next year, with another 32 expected in 2024.


The arrival of the current cruise ship, the Mein Schiff 5cruise liner, has Thailand’s PM Prayut Chan-0-cha expressing his happiness asKoh Samui will welcome nearly 2,500 European travellers for a one-day visit.The vessel is only the second European cruise ship to visit the island in thepast three years due to the Covid pandemic.


Authorities project that international visitors to Thailandwill exceed current projections as the world gets back on track after thepandemic, which widely prevented travel due to strict virus measures enactedworldwide. Prayut has also warned those who may decide to take advantage oftourists by urging all sides to maintain strict policies to ensure travellers arenot exploited by businesses such as taxi drivers and tourism operators.Furthermore, he has reportedly instructed authorities to hand down harshpenalties if such practices are found, in order to maintain the country’sreputation in the tourism sector.


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By Luxy samui