The full moon party is back

January 3, 2023

The full moon party is back



Koh Pha Ngan, known for its vibrant Full Moon Parties andNew Year's Eve Countdown celebrations, has seen a recent surge in businessactivity. With tens of thousands of visitors flocking to the island, the demandfor accommodation options has been high. During this festive period, manyshort-term villa rentals were occupied, including Koh Samui luxury villas, KohSamui vacation rentals, and Koh Samui private villas. Some popular choices werethe Koh Samui beachfront villas, offering a scenic view of the ocean, and the KohSamui holiday villas, providing a relaxing getaway for tourists.


Amidst the celebrations, a few challenges arose, includingintermittent power outages caused by strong winds in the southern tip of theisland. However, determined partygoers used mobile phone flashlights andBluetooth speakers to keep the festivities going. By 11 pm, most of the powerissues were resolved, allowing the party to continue as normal. Repairs wereconducted during the following afternoon to address the electrical problems.


This year's Full Moon Party and New Year's party had anearly closure around 5:30 am, disappointing some visitors who missed the chanceto dance through the sunrise on the beach. Rumors circulated that the earlyclosure was due to an incoming high tide. Despite this change, the events werestill considered a success, attracting a significant number of tourists.


The popularity of the Full Moon Party and New Year'scelebrations led to a reduction in the number of available accommodationoptions on Koh Pha Ngan. Approximately 200 properties were listed onTripAdvisor during this festive period, experiencing peak occupancy rates of99%. However, with the upcoming High Season, it is expected that more touristswill be attracted to the island, leading to a higher demand for exclusivevillas, family-friendly villas, and affordable villas in Koh Samui.


According to the adviser to the president of the Rin BeachOperators Club, not only did the Full Moon Party attract its usual influx ofvisitors, but it also saw an increase in long-stay guests. Many touristsarrived before the new year and stayed through the holidays to enjoy bothparties. This trend is likely to continue throughout the upcoming months as theFull Moon Party remains a popular attraction for tourists.

By Luxy samui